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Report Abuse

If you think someone is in immediate risk or danger call 999 for the emergency service.

If it is urgent but is not an emergency, please call 101.

What is abuse?

There are different types of abuse and it can happen anywhere.

Abuse occurs when someone exploits another person or treats them in a way that harms or hurts them. It can happen once or on multiple occasions. People who abuse are not always strangers. They can be partners, relatives, a friend, neighbour or carer.

Find out how to report abuse:

Report to Kent Police

To report abuse to Kent Police, visit the Kent Police website for a number of services that you can use including a textphone service, Live Chat or a self-crime reporting option.

PREVENT and Extremism

We all have a responsibility to keep our county and the people in it safe. Extremism and radicalisation in our community are very real threats to our society and being aware is the first step. You can help to reduce the threat from terrorism, radicalisation and extremism by being vigilant, knowing what to report and reporting it. Visit the Kent County Council website for more information on how to report your concerns.

Further Information

To find out more, see our Useful Resources and Guidance page.