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Support for carers

What is the definition of a carer?

If you give unpaid care to someone who is over the age of 18, you can ask for a carers assessment.

'Caring' for someone covers lots of different things including:

  • Helping with washing, dressing, eating
  • Taking them to regular appointments
  • Medication
  • Housework
  • Financial Support
  • Keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious

What is a carers assessment?

A carer's assessment is free and anyone over 18 can ask for one. You can have a carers assessment even if the person you care for does not get any help from the council, and they will not need to be assessed. This assessment might recommend things like:

  • someone to take over caring so you can take a break
  • gym membership and exercise classes to relieve stress
  • help with taxi fares if you don't drive
  • help with gardening and housework
  • training how to lift safely
  • putting you in touch with local support groups so you have people to talk to
  • advice about benefits for carers

It's separate from the needs assessment the person you care for might have. You do not need the permission of the person you are caring for to request a carers assessment. You are entitled to ask for one in your own right. However, you can request a combined assessment where you will be assessed at the same time as the person you care for has their needs assessment.

How to request a carers assessment

If you are a resident of Kent and want to find out more information on carers assessments and how to request one, please visit the Kent County Council Adult Social Care Website.

If you are a resident of Medway and want to find out more information on carers assessments and how to request one, please visit the Medway Council Adult Social Care website.

To view further information on carer services in Kent and Medway, visit our Useful links and resources for carers page.